Pastoral Staff of Harvesters Baptist Church

Douglas Wood, Senior Pastor

As a child I attended church with my family, but I never saw the reality of Jesus Christ. The bible seemed old and contrary to what I learned and enjoyed in science. As a teen, I had very little time for the Lord, even though I was confirmed and joined the church. I only did this out of respect for my mother.

Three priorities consumed my time; My career, sports, and girls. Most of my friends spent their time with drinking and drugs, but I could see these things would ruin my chances of financial success. My brother told me their were plenty of nice girls at church, so the next Friday night, I went to a young peoples group. When I went, I couldn't believe how quickly I was accepted into the group! I was also surprised by their open faith in the Lord.

They believed the Bible without shame. They encouraged each other and had a great time together. What a contrast to my old friends who would drink and "crash". I was drawn back to this group each week, and I even started attending church on Sunday mornings. After about three months, the preacher preached about creation vs. evolution. It made sense for the first time.

How could such a complex world, just evolve? The odds were too great, it wasn't realistic. It says in the Bible, "The invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen" (Romans 1:20). Driving home from church, I saw my need to know the Lord as my personal Saviour. I didn't know any prayers, but I asked Him to save me. Like it says in the Bible, "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" (Romans 10:13). I never regretted my decision to become a Christian. It brought real purpose to my life. I married one of the young ladies in the youth group, she was the preachers daughter. We have shared many wonderful years with the Lord and expect thousands more.

Lyle Featherstone, Assistant Pastor

Pastor Lyle Featherstone trusted the Lord as his Saviour at the age of eight, while his family attended Harvesters Baptist Church. At the age of 16, he felt the Lord calling him to be a Pastor. Lyle is in training under Pastor Wood and is ministering at Harvesters Baptist Church as the Assistant Pastor.

Lyles wife Emily, serves in music ministry and in the children's programs at Harvesters. They have three children; Brianne, Nolan and Gilmore. Their children are also involved in the music ministry.

Pastor Lyle and his family care for people and welcome all to come to be a part of Harvesters Baptist Church.

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